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Written by Straight Redaktion

11. Januar 2017

VILIFY has gained international recognition with a decade of DJing under her belt, multiple international tours and a diverse sound unlike anyone else in the game.
The release of her new EP “Nobody Knows” has received warm reception and opened the doors for all of her new music to come. Having relocated from Montreal to Berlin VILIFY’s experience as both DJ and producer continue to make her an artist to keep your eye on. On Saturday, she is the guest in the STRAIGHT Box at Girls Town.

We’ve heard only good things about you in the run-up to the party. Not only about your dj skills but about you being such a nice / good person. That’s what people say about you. How do you explain that?

First and foremost, gratitude. I am so grateful to love what I do after 10+ years and for the people I’ve met along the way. I feel so lucky that I get to share my passion with people, and that they continue to appreciate what I do. I’m not sure what could be more rewarding than that. Always humble, always appreciative and always believing in the power of love. I hope this never changes.

One question that we always like to ask good and less good people: which of the 7 deadly sins is the closest to you? Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride?

I suppose Pride.. which here I believe refers to preoccupation with oneself. I think I have often had a tendency to put my work as a priority and my main area of focus, always wanting to share and put forth the best of my capabilities, sometimes passing up fun experiences or obligations instead to work. But I think if we flip the script and start to equate Pride with (true) self-love maybe we can start to write a different story.

Does it make any difference to you to play mixed or all female parties?

I do notice a difference. I like the vibe of female parties. Warm, welcoming, inclusive and super FUN.

Where’s life better for women who love women? Canada or Germany? What’s your opinion?

My experience in Germany is relatively new / limited. Canada has some really great scenes and communities throughout the country, definitely worth experiencing, for example the Vancouver Pride!

Montreal or Berlin? Which one would you choose?

Sorry Montreal… Berlin has my heart for now. I feel more free and more inspired.



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